Paper about GUIGUW (July 19, 2011)

A paper about GUIGUW has been published by an internationally renowned scientific journal. The paper entitled "Graphical User Interface for Guided Acoustic Waves" by Paolo Bocchini, Alessandro Marzani, and Erasmo Viola appered in the May-June issue of the Journal of Computing in Civil Engineering of the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE). The paper is also available for download on the Publisher's website at this page.

In this work GUIGUW v0.1, a Graphical User Interface (GUI) for the computation of stress guided wave dispersive features, is presented. The software exploits Semi-Analytical Finite Element (SAFE) formulations for the calculation of the wave propagation characteristics. The interface allows for the selection of the geometrical, mechanical and frequency related parameters for the computation. Isotropic and anisotropic materials with linear elastic and linear viscoelastic rheological behaviors can be considered. Any waveguide cross-section can be modeled. For each existing wave, the dispersive results can be represented in terms of wavenumber, wavelength, phase velocity, group velocity (for undamped waveguides), energy velocity and attenuation (for damped waveguides). By simply working with the GUI, original results on guided stress waves can be obtained.