GUIGUW is free!

GUIGUW is still under development. For this reason, fully functional DEMO versions are distributed for free. The program requires a license that is valid for 90 days. When the license expires, a new one can be asked and obtained for free.

Download instructions

To run GUIGUW you need two things that can be obtained from links in this webpage:

GUIGUW is based on Matlab and this will easily enable its porting to all the major operating systems. However, this also means that before running GUIGUW you need to install the appropriate MATLAB Component Runtime environment that Mathworks distributes for free. When you install GUIGUW, the installation procedure will automatically download the appropriate libraries, if needed. It process may take some time, but it is done only once, when you first launch GUIGUW.
Please install GUIGUW in a directory where you have writing permissions (such as the desktop). Putting GUIGUW in a directory where it cannot store temporary files (sometimes it happens if you install it in C:\programs, depending on the settings in your computer) will lead to errors.
The 64-bit version of Matlab (and of GUIGUW) may be a little slow to start, just be patient and wait a few seconds.

Moreover, you need a GUIGUW license. A license can be obtained for free filling the form on the right. Normal licenses are valid for 90 days and can be renewed. If you need a longer license, just let us know and justify it. Do not hesitate to send us an email for clarifications or to manifest your special needs!
The license needs to be saved in the GUIGUW\application folder.

Latest GUIGUW and other downloads

GUIGUW 2.2 for 64-bit Windows systems

This is the latest release of GUIGUW for 64-bit systems. Note that the system will automatically download the appropriate MATLAB Component Runtime environment from Mathworks' servers, if needed (available for free). This is done only the first time the program is launched.

Older versions

The latest version of GUIGUW supports only 64-bit systems. If you want to try an older version, or if you need to use GUIGUW on a 32-bit system, follow this link.

Request the license